New Role Model coming to Stardoll? - Schiaparelli Elsa

From the spoilers we are pretty sure that Schiaparelli Elsa will be the next Role Model in Stardoll...let's wait till we have a doll...but we are 99% about this

we'll see:

From Wikipedia:

Elsa Schiaparelli (10 September 1890 — 13 November 1973) was an Italian fashion designer. Along with Coco Chanel, she is regarded as one of the most prominent figures in fashion between the two World Wars.Starting with knitwear, Schiaparelli's designs were heavily influenced by Surrealists like her collaborators Salvador DalĂ­ and Alberto Giacometti. Her clients included the heiress Daisy Fellowes and actress Mae West.

Well according to the spoilers that must be it!!...right?
.....xoxo MSM
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