LE and Antidote weird Changes!!

If you go to the store you will see from now on that you can actually have them in your dressing room...you can "touch" them...NOT buy them though...and there is also another change:Did you notice it?....From all the Seasons of LE and Antidote the numbers are GONE!!!...that's a little weird eh??..especialy the fact that this happened today....after the subject with the LE dress...where everyone started uploading pictures of that dress with the number on!!!...we are a little bit suspicious..if you know what i mean!!!

....and btw doesn't this remind you of the Migliukee scandal?...when blogs showed the real designer they took back the clothes and erased the labels....now when blogs started to show numbers of the LE dress they erased the numbers from the labels..do they have something to hide?!!!...just a thought....

thnx to thefashionsenseonstardoll.blogspot.com and Xiao313 for noticing!!

...xoxo MSM

(sth irrelevant...there's a free top for ss in the new section....it is propably a mistake again so go buy it)<-----UPDATE: It doesn't exist anymore...they took it back
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