Well you have heard of course about the changes on SMS payments about superstars...well we can talk for Greece...we used to get 1 month of superstar and 67 stardollars for 2 euros ...but now for 2 euros we can buy 2 weeks of superstar and 65 stardollars or 75 stardollars!!!...and we see it as a joke...because one more time stardoll is letting us know of how greedy it can be...they don't try to hide it anymore!!!...lolThey also gave the SMS option to other countries now...that they didn't have it can understand why they waited until now!!!(...thanx to estefaniasoleda about this)
Then we checked the new accounts!!! and watch what we discovered....Lying or they just forgot to change it?!? When you create a new account this message comes tou your inboxAnd as you see...this is not the truth!!...The truth would be "MaryKate Olsen is NOT one of the 18 Real Celebs on Stardoll anymore"....:P
Then to get the gifts and be able to play and earn you have to give your mail....they send you this to verify:If you click the link we show you in the pictures it sends you here:
Sephora?!?!? exactly??...isn't that also misleading??!!! Let's just think that they might forgot all these and they will fix them!!!
Ok now you are a Non Superstar....stardoll has made the starplaza in a way to tell you "Become a Superstar"...when you put superstar clothes in your dressing room it of course you have seen all the "More Stardollars-Become a Superstar" buttons everywhere....Come on think non superstars don't know they are not superstars...and which clothes are only for superstars?....And by the way...KOHL'S might say is for non superstars as well but you can understand that with these prices and without the 1sd a day are actually for superstars only.....anyway

Finally about the whole migliukee thing..because you ask us...the only thing we could find according to the "Membership Terms":
According to this Stardoll doesn't have any responsibility about what we upload on the site....
though it is NOT pretty clear what happens if the material you upload is not actually yours after all...
That's it for now....

...xoxo MSM
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