You remember some of the dresses we saw in spoilers...well yesterday we got this mail...and we thought that these clothes were going to be released as holiday clothes...but there actually gifts...well...not exactly!!!:
So actually the more you buy this you a better chance to get the better basically these are not gifts..they are saying spend spend spend....and you might get the good one(s)!! stardoll even in holidays?....what do think?...

UPDATE: You will find a Gift-O-Meter under your chat box....that's even funnier...haha

and here are the gifts:
So the DKNY Interior it is a 200sd Gift....pretty much for a "gift" don't you think?

Just an advive to whoever is going to spend 200sd so that can get the interior:
Don't spend all of them today(Friday)...this will go on throughout the wait cause new clothes might come out later today or tommorow....wait to spend them on new clothes that you want ...if they want more money though they will release the new DKNY collection on Monday...or next week...because let's face it...stardoll wants our money...but in case they release them in the weekend you can spend the 200sd on the new DKNY collection..just a thought!!!

...xoxo MSM
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