Best Dressed - Glamour!!

So it's that time have to choose the best dressed....
there where almost 100+ members that applied for the contest(WOW!!!)...the theme was Glamour...Unfortunately only 25 got the ticket to the poll...!!

Just to remind to everyone that didn't got in that there will be many contests and everyone will get in the poll at some we have made a rule that says that whoever wins once the whole competition cannot win twice...this is because we want to give everyone the opportunity to if you are not in this poll...but continue to participate you will be in another one at some point...please try to understand that we had to pick 25 between almost 100 people that's not easy for us too..and we are kinda new to this...
You might also not be in the poll because we couldn't find your nick on didn't have your doll dressed according to the theme.... or because there was no outfit saved in the album...or at least on you when we came in your profile!!

So...We chose the best dressed girls(and boys!)...the ones who did their best...according to the theme!!

So the members that got in the poll are: (click to enlarge)

Photos taken from there album or suite!!

You can vote here:
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