Barbie Club!!...PRIVATE?

According to a comment there's a club about Barbie though the weird part is that it is private....from the club we will get the hair and the pillows we saw in the spoilers a while ago
Members from the Netherlands can join it by going HERE

From all of you that are not from the Netherlands you will need to use a manual proxy(how? HERE)
First Log out of stardoll if you are already logged in!!
Then set the peoxy!!!

The best part is that we looked and found a pretty fast manual proxy this time:)
IP: Port:80
Once you set the proxy go HERE to join the club...though as we said it is private so you will have to wait after this!!
UPDATE:It worked for us but if it's not try also this one:
IP: port:80(thanx to pisces21uk)...also the club is not private anymore...once you join you get the free stuff

PS:You can also check the cinema to take the Do the barbie t-shirt....and also there will be available the Littlest Pet Shop in the Suite shop...there's a little dog still available for free which you can buy as many times as you want....

After you're done turn off the proxy!!....
...xoxo MSM
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