About Stardoll Royalty!!

You kept asking us in your comments or mail if this club is only for superstars well we always want to answer your questions so see this:
As you see we found a member(maybe there are more) that is not a superstar but she is in the club...this can mean two things....either she has done much stuff in stardoll(mostly spent money:P) and the fact that she wasn't superstar at the momment didn't count....either she was a superstar when she got the invitation but now she is not anymore...but does that mean that she will lose her membership to the club?...cause we also hear that theory lately and how the members of the club are less than some days ago....
We will see how that goes and we will let you know....

Thanks also to estefaniasoleda for giving us some information about the subject
...xoxo MSM
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