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There's a contest in Austria...when you enter you get for free an Enchanted Wedding Dress
We have been trying hours to find a manual proxy from Austria that's working but unfortunately we haven't find one till now...if you know any...just leave us a comment with it...we will still try to find you one:)

Now, for people that are from can get the dress HERE by making a scenery....

For people NOT living in Austria use this manual proxy...(for how to use manual proxy click HERE)
set the proxy and go HERE...Log in....make the"turn off" the proxy...and go to your suite as will be there along with a pair of shoes and a hat
We used earlier and wasn't it is a little faster....but you have to be patient!!
tip by commentor if you are using Internet Explorer: when you set the proxy check also the boxbypass proxy server for local addresses ....(...not checked by us though...PinkPrincess99 told us that it made it slower)
When you're done get off the proxy...also HERE you can find how
UPDATE2: by M_Themis - I didn't get the dress...already had it...that means that whoever already has the dress won't get it for the second time...though you might get the hat and the pair of shoes if you don't have those as well...we provide all the information to save your time:)
UPDATE3: Since some of you have problems of getting the sure that you are logged out of sure that after you set the proxy...stardoll will ask you to log in...if you were in stardoll before...log out and then set the proxy and continue with the steps.....That's the only we can think of might being a problem....because the proxy works perfectly...especially now!!!...otherwise check again if you have entered right the proxy etc etc
UPDATE4: The proxy is working with many difficulties now...that make you unable to reach the contest.(....unless you are lucky)..too many people trying to access and take the dress propably....we suggest you to try again some hours...

UPDATE5:It is 4 am (GMT ) now that i am writing this and the proxy works perfectly and fast....i know its late for many but...that's the truth!...between 1(maybe 2) to 9 am (always GMT...find your time according to that in google) there are not many people using it and it works better!!! overloads when we are trying all together to get the dress during the day!
UPDATE6: This contest has ca no longer get the dress

Special thanx to Kendra_1999 and jemfan4ever for the infos they provide us:)

...xoxo MSM
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