Stardoll decide to stop giving us 1sd per day suddenly noone knows anything about that,but the thing that we all know is that we are furious about this action.!!!!!
I think that this is really bad especially for non-superstars,those girls "earned" money only with the 1 sd per day and play & earn, and now what the ONLY MONEY THEY CAN HAVE IS 5SD PER DAY? HOW COOL IS THIS STARDOLL!!!!I AM 100 % SURE THAT NON-SS GIRLS ARE REALLY THANKFULL FOR THAT...
SS girls i think that they don't have such a big problem because most of us have daily money and our monthy stardollars.!!!
The purpose of stardoll is having fun no feeling jealous and sad because we don't have money SO my own advice is to have fun in stardoll and hopefully stardoll will hear are opinion and bring us back our 1sd per day,because we all know that they will finally understand that we are mad with them AND THEY DON'T WANT THIS BECAUSE WE GIVE THEM MONEY AND WE WANT SOMETHING IN RETURN EVEN IF THIS IS OUR 1SD PER DAY I DON'T THINK THAT IS SOOOO HUGE FOR THEM....
we just have to wait and something will happen....
special credits to Evil-baby FOR THIS GREAT PHOTO thank u sweettie..!!!!...from http://iwantmy1sdback.blogspot.com/
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