Medoll of the Month

And the winner of the month of October 2012 is...
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And that was her entry for this month theme:

Here's the little interview with her:

Name: Felly
Age: 15
City: Athens, Greece

How is it to be Medoll of the Month?
It's my first time winning something stardoll-related, so I'm very excited! I didn't really think that I could win, but yes, I did! A big thanks to all the people who voted me I really appreciate it:)

How came the idea of this look in this month's comp?
When I first took a look at Katy Eary's collection, I thought it was too much for a single outfit. I looked closely to the pictures and I devided the parts of the clothes. Most of them were made by animal prints and patterns. So, I made a simple, nice, and inspired outfit!

What are your passions in real life?
My passions in real life are drawing, and photography. I usually take pictures in a place near my house, and it's really inspiring because it combines sea and trees, water and earth.

Could you describe to us your style?
I usually dress-up depending on my mood. But I have an easy and simple rule. I don't overload my look with lots of accesories, and I keep the colours as less as I can. By that, I mean that my outfit may have at most 3 colours and not more.

What is your biggest wish for the future?
Even if I'm young, one of my biggest dreams is to become a fashion designer. That's the reason why I'm spending that much time on stardoll. It has a variety of styles and clothes so it is more inspirational to me than just a site with dolls.

What do you want people to remember about you when you leave stardoll?
I don't really think I've done something special yet here on stardoll, so, It's not fair to remember things about me while other people who really changed history with their own creations and designs are not known yet.