New: Weekly Instagram Star!

Hi dollies!

My name is Josefina (HATECHAINMAILS) and I'm a new writer in Underneath Stardoll. I've been a fan and an avid reader of this page for years now and it's a great opportunity to be here with you, so thank you a lot for reading and I hope you all enjoy my posts from now on :)

So for my first post I'd like to introduce a new category to the site. I have noticed that there are a lot of dolls that created their own Instagram accounts to upload pictures of their suites, designs, graphics and more. Stardoll has also been promoting their Instagram page a lot lately, and with the recent Stardoll Instagram takeover I had this idea. There's already Capture in this site, which brings out the best suites from Stardoll, so I decided to select the best Stardoll Instagram accounts to feature once a week.

If you'd like to be a part of this 'Weekly Instagram Star' project, whenever you post a new picture to your Instagram account, add the hashtag #hatechainmails so I can check out your account. The best ones will get their place in this site every week! :)

You can also message me if you have any questions.

Good luck to everyone and see you on my next post.


Graphic credits: Candylove334