Hotbuys Vintage Star Crossed Jeans Released

And hello again, folks.

Today Stardoll admins delighted us with a new Hotbuys release, and it is Bonjour Bizou Vintage Star Crossed Jeans.

You can get it for a good amount of 23sd (or 21sd like me)

Click HERE to obtain this bliss of an item.

Initially, I loved the jeans very much. In reality, the graphics seem a bit disappointing and a bit raw.
I mean, it's not that bad, not catastrophic, but I had higher expectations.
What I do like is the fact that they are highwaisted, and overall seem quite cute.
I'd really love to boost my real life jeans collection with a pair of highwaisted starred jeans.

Here's my way of wearing it:

(Now I'm sad to realize that I've missed the recent LE release and never got that choker, and the belt)

And what do you guys think?
Worth the money?