CAPTURED: Vitality.

What's up everyone.

Wow, this week's gone by so fast, and it's already time for a new Captured post.

Hopefully you're all excited to find out who's going to be captured.


Name: Vitality.
Country: USA
Joined: 2016-04-20

What's on: Inspired by Balmain Tribute Black Stripe Overcoat, LE Modern Tailored Waistcoat, PPQ Sleeveless White Turtleneck, PPQ Wide White Trousers, Riviera Triple Strap Gladiators, Killah Circle Glasses.

What can I say? I could never before believe that a doll can really stand out and look so bright using only two colours.
Just black and white colours incorporated, yet, it turned out to be so eye-catching and sophisticated.
It was definitely the contrast of the black overcoat with the white interior and white clothes that made me stop my search and take a closer look. I definitely came to the right place.

Here's another example of Vitality.'s looks that I absolutely adore:

And there was a little cute surprise for me in this doll's suite:
(I'm such a typical crazy cat lady)

Well, I'm far more than pleased with what I've seen. It's always great to discover new users and have a look at what makes each one of them special.

What are your thoughts?
Hopefully you guys enjoyed this Captured post.
Please, spare a minute to visit this user's lovely doll, and I'll see you again very shortly.