Callie's Picks issue No.22 is released

Here is the new collection of Callie's Picks
and here is a bit about the collection
Here is some info that I think might be useful for you guys,
 click HERE if you want to know a bit about the Migliukee collection that got removed due to copy right issues [Special thank you to BoberNaukowiec]

The coco top in the 2nd floor that costs 25 sd was originally 25 sc but stardoll had to add the Chanel logo due to copy right issues [Special thanks to 123pink_girls and Jinniy]

The metal plate boots that cost 16 sd were originally a Facebook like-o-meter gift,it's still available to get if you want,just click HERE and like then go to like-o-meter gifts [Special thanks to silvered]

Are you mad because Stardoll re-released the items you spent tons of stardollars on? 
or are you happy because now you can get the item you always wanted without paying tons of stardollars?