Free Cookie Crisp TV

If you are from Greece, click HERE, answer the quiz and done, the TV will be at your suite in a while.

If you are from anywhere else, you will need to use a manual proxy.

(If you do not know how to use manual proxies click HERE to learn. You have to FOLLOW THE STEPS EXACTLY AS IT IS WRITTEN!!!!)
If you use mac/safari click HERE to learn how to use the manual proxies.

Use one of these (I used the first one and it was really fast for me)

IP: Port: 8080
IP: Port: 80
IP: Port: 80

After setting the proxy go here:
Log in to your account 

Then, go here:

Answer the quiz (whatever answer) and done! Get rid of the manual proxy!
The freebie will be in your suite in a while.

xoxo, sdoreymenano