A little change at Starplaza purchases

When we bought something from Starplaza, a square appears showing 3 other things that they recommend us to "have a look". 

If you click on one of them, this thing will be added in your card, BUT TAKE CARE:

At the recommendation above the white wall costs 100 STARDOLLARS but at the BASICS DECOR store it costs 100 STARCOINS; the skirt costs 99 STARDOLLARS and at RIVIERA, it costs 99 STARCOINS (Thanks to bytterfly10 for the image above)

In my case, I received the recommendation for the Polaroid Window Skyline costing 70 STARDOLLARS but at the PIX store the same item costs 70 STARCOINS

Do you like the change? 

xoxo, sdoreymenano