"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #44

Hello friends, and welcome to the this year's last weekly recap. Not much happened on Stardoll last week, except some store releases. Check out the week's highlights, for the last time this year.

On Monday, Stardoll announced January Hotbuys for the next year.

They are okay. I love white items, at least by the way they look on the doll. I dislike other items, because I'm not a big fan of those color tones, and shapes don't impress me either. The item I am most looking forward to is definitely Chanel no. 5 perfume inspired bag. I am sure many will agree.

The best Tribute collection this season so far, at least in my opinion, got released on Monday as well - Saint Laurent Paris collection.

I love gray short dress, it is really adorable. Buckles black mini dress is great too, as well as a sweater that goes with it. The most popular item, at least according to The Vote entries, seems to be dark red and black shirt, I guess because of the way it looks on a doll, with one bare shoulder. Bags are fabulous, of course.

Callie's Picks came earlier than usual, on Tuesday to be exact. (It usually comes on Wednesday.)

The collection is named 'The Celebration Issue' , and consists of lots of short and long dresses, perfect for New Year's party outfit. There are some rares, of course. Some Mortal Kiss items that were previously sold in starcoins. There are also 2 quite valuable Couture Tribute items. My opinion: It is okay, but they could have chosen some way better dresses.

Kinda random release on Thursday - Holidays in Starplaza small collection, consisting mostly of boy clothes.

A nice surprise for male members on Stardoll. Dresses, on the other hand, are nothing special, but I love the shoes on the doll to the top right. I don't think there is even a store for those items, so you might wanna hurry and get them while they are still here. If you find anything you like, of course.

This year we got another holiday surprise, the one we had some previous years too - Voile Holiday Boutique.

I like some dresses. Some. I like that there is a decent starcoin dress too. And I could agree with owner, that the previous collections were much, much better. Seems like Stardoll just did the collection in hurry. I was hoping for more dresses, more gold and silver tones, and maybe some cute accessories. My favorites are long red lace gown, and the dark blue long gown.

And that's it for this week. I hope you liked it. Also, thank you for staying with me, reading my column, commenting, giving your opinion, agreeing and disagreeing. I hope to see you all next year. I also hope you have a lot of fun celebrating New Year, whether with your family or friends, on a party or at home.

Lots of love, and Happy New 2014th Year!
~ Venus
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