"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #43

Hello readers, and welcome to yet another weekly recap of your favorite online game, and on your favorite blog (I hope so). No specific introductions this week, just going straight to my post.

No Tribute stores this week. Instead, we got a new collection of Pet-a-Porter. Clearly, it is a winter themed!

As I have stated 565245 times, I do not buy interior. But I just couldn't resist those adorable kittens. Yeah, I know puppies are cute, and that adorable panda, but come on, look at those kittens! *In real life I 'own' one gorgeous cat and 3 precious kittens, that are about 3,5 months old.*
The pieces are limited, as usual, but users don't seem interested, as almost a week from the release, there are still some animals left. And has anyone noticed pillows? Even low priced, not many seem interested in buying them.

On Tuesday, Stardoll introduced us a new fantastic feature. It would have been even better, if some members didn't decide to abuse it.

Basically, it allows members to send clothes to their friends. It is really great, because some members prefer clothes, and you can gift them exactly what they want. Also useful for contests, for giving winners better prizes. I do not want to go in detail of how some members 'abused' this new feature. Some can say it is just taking advantage of a glitch, and it is Stardoll's fault. Whatever, not discussing that.

The same day, new Polished collection arrived. Winter themed as well!

Colors and patterns are nice, blah, blah.. Good release, to 1% of users who actually do their nails on Stardoll.

On Thursday, another 'regular' release, this week it is Bonjour Bizou.

Even I am glad Stardoll releases stuff in regular stores every once in a while, I do not like this collection, release, whatever. Yes, I am sure you can find some nice stuff to combine, but I'll most likely wait for a sale if I ever decide to buy from this store. (This collection, to be specific.)

On Friday, new floor of PopShop got release, yet another winter themed release, though this is more New Year inspired.

I am sure most of users who decorate their rooms for holidays, already did one or 2 rooms already. If not, now's perfect chance, with those beautiful decorations. They are silver, sparkly, festive.
That's it. I'm out of inspiration to write more, as there isn't much more to be said about this release anyway.

Winter holidays are really close, and I hope you spend them nicely, whether with your family, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend. Some of us, unfortunately, have more exams coming.. And in case you miss something on Stardoll, come back next Sunday to check for my recap. Happy Holidays!!

~ Venus
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