"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #42

Hello, friends. So tomorrow I have an important exam, but I decided to take a break from studying and present you all the important updates from last week on your favorite dolly site, as usual. Here we go.

The week started with another Tribute store release - this week we got Valentino Tribute!

Again, as in Chanel collection, prices are quite high. But you gotta admit, there are some pretty gorgeous pieces. I mean, just take a look at those, long, formal gowns, or cute short dresses. There is one purple short dress that reminds me of the infamous DKNY Scuba dress. And I prefer this to Chanel, although they ain't so bad either.

The fist update of Stardoll features arrived on the third day of a week (Wednesday), not so good one, though, but important for another update, which I will mention later.

Anyway, Stardoll moved our suite and camera buttons, and placed them all in a sidebar. They also changed the camera, making it capture pics in square, instead of rectangle, and there isn't a zoom in button. It is now much harder to navigate through suite rooms, and moving stuff from one room to another; discouraging members to look through other user's room, as it is really annoying having to click on sidebar button over and over again (especially for members who have many rooms). I really miss the zoom in option, as I liked taking photos of my doll, not just the whole outfit, but the close shots as well.

A week later than usual, new Callie's Picks collection arrived in plaza. I am speechless.

This collection's theme is ''One skirt, 10 looks''. Well, first, I could name at least 10 skirts that would look better and be easier to combine, than this 'junk'. Horrible skirt. But not only the skirt, I mean, look at the combinations. Pink sweater and silver sandals? Red jacket and purple jeans? Punk jacket, black/pink swimsuit, and purple sporty boots? So many things are wrong on the pic above. Individually, there are some nice pieces, that can be combined in fantastic ways. Of course, there are some rares, Elle pink jacket being the rarest and most valuable item from collection.

To redeem themselves, (I guess), Stardoll decided to give us a quite good top up offer - 50% extra stardollars when topping up.

I think it is a fantastic deal to whoever got some extra money for holidays, and wants to spend some on their favorite hobby/online game. I know there are many members buying stardollars every once in a while, (or every day/week/month). Hey, you can never have enough of those precious gold coins, right?

This is like the biggest update we've had in a while, a new Stardoll feature called 'The Vote".

Basically, this is like a catwalk contest, except you are now given themes to dress up your doll, and when you do it, take a photo of it with camera, and submit it to the contest. This was available for Royalty members only, but as I am seeing in comments now, some superstar members got it too. Also, you get gifts for voting on the contest, (maximum 7 per day), but most of the gifts are starcoins, with an occasional clothing items.
My opinion: It is a nice idea, but how many members will stick to the theme? And how many will vote for the best themed outfit? I guess most will vote just to get gifts. Personally, I vote for the nicer outfit, except when I see my friends there, I'll always vote for my friends. And what about stardollars they promised we'd get? Hm...

A nice surprise appeared on Friday - a new Rio collection.

The collection is filled with nice, sparkly dresses, perfect for New Year. Also, prices are quite fair, compared to other stores. My favorites are black and gold dress, black and silver dress, and the black dress next to it. I love to see finally some 'regular' stores getting updated, not just limited (and overpriced) ones. Definitely the highlight of a week, at least in my opinion.

Yeah, that was the least I could narrow down the events, so you now have an option to chose your favorite moment of a week. Chose wisely, and see you next week.

~ Venus
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