"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #41

Hello readers, how are you on this cold, cold Sunday? At the end of this week, are your virtual wallets empty, but your virtual closets full? Not sure what am I talking about? Read on!

We saw it in spoilers first, few days before it got released - a new Chanel real brand inspired collection, which arrived on Monday.

I actually like it. Not the whole collection though, only some of the pieces. What I dislike, are, of course, the prices. To buy the whole collection, you'd need a bit over 1200 stardollars. For some people, this may seem like a good investment. For some, a chance to get some real brand clothes without having to spend a fortune for them, in real life of course. They can be satisfied with virtual versions of them. And some people just like to buy some pieces they'd wear and create fantastic and creative outfits. What group do you belong to?

I cannot say we hadn't seen this coming. In fact, some users waited patiently for this offer to renew their membership. I am talking, of course, about new Holiday Pass offer.

It is as the usual: 2 months of superstar membership, 350 stardollars and the same amount of starcoins, and of course, 13 holiday themed gifts. Prices vary in different countries, which is kinda unfair for some members who have to pay more than some others. But this offer seems to be quite popular, as an early Christmas gift, or something you'd like to treat yourself for the holidays. And the gifts are cute, though I expected some 'wintery' outfits, like sweaters, winter jackets, hats, scarves, gloves. Not cocktail dresses. But, on the other hand, they may be for New Year. (New Year in less than a month? Whoa!)

On the same day, Stardoll announced that the MSW store is definitely leaving the plaza. It left eventually this week.

Adios, MSW! See you next year. I hope you managed to grab everything you wanted for a discount, as, unfortunately, but not unusual, items are not sellable in bazaars. I figured that out a bit late, but I still managed to grab some nice stuff before it closed.

Stardoll just seems to keep 'recycling' stuff. This week, (Tuesday to be exact), they brought back old Christmas decorations.

I mean, I understand why bringing back Christmas trees, it is not like they could design anything different. But what about decorations? Options are endless. They, though, added some decorations to our Stardesign Interior, so some creative users could work their magic.
Speaking of, are you decorating your suite for Christmas? I'm not really fond of that idea, because, as I stated on my blog, what to do when holidays are over? Keep the room for the rest of the year and get people asking you why you have Christmas tree in June? Or destroy all your hard work? Hm...

Okay, Stardoll redeemed themselves by releasing a new collection, called 'SubCouture', for the second time limited by duration it stays in plaza, and this time 2 days.

Prices are quite fair, considering what the most users (including me) expected. Items are shiny, sparkly, not really winter themed and wearable as everyday outfits; but still, I must admit they are gorgeous. And I am pretty sure they'll be valuable after. Okay, maybe not after a month or 2, but a year or two. But is anyone sure they'll still be using Stardoll in a year or two??

Some other weekly highlights:

- The Vote, a new feature coming soon on Stardoll. According to Stardoll on Twitter, it will have something with earning stardollars.
- New designs - a Stylein dress inspired pattern, and holiday accessories.
- Hot Hot Buys calender - not so appealing items, but I'm sure some of you found a way to style them.
- New Fallen Angel store layout, also coming soon.
- No Callie's Picks this week; just after people stopped complaining and got used to Stardoll re-releasing stuff.

What are your opinions on this week? And, as I asked in intro: "At the end of this week, are your virtual wallets empty, but your virtual closets full?" Now you see what was I talking about. So see you next week, and don't forget to vote and chose your favorite moment of the week.

~ Venus
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