"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #40

Hello readers, how are you this cold evening? I am really sad because of the news today, but this doesn't seem a right place to discuss them, so, as usual, here goes my weekly recap.

The first thing I want to mention, is that this week has been packed with lots of new releases, updates and offers. So I tried hard to minimize the amount of events I will recap, and the least I could go were 6 events. Therefore, get ready for a bit bigger post. (I will, though, mention other important events, without recapping them.)

New collection of Original Future store arrived on Monday.

I was never a big fan of the store, and this collection doesn't make me like it more. I am sure you can find some decent pieces here, and combine them well, but not me. Too tacky, weird colors and shapes.. Nope.

We haven't had an offer like this for a long time - a Platinum Offer!

It is nice offer, you get more stardollars, some extra starcoins, instant Royalty status, 3 extra months of ss/platinum membership, and some nice gifts. And the best part, you get your name in nice, turquoise color, instead of ordinary purple, all that only for  $59.40! (Holding 'SARCASM' sign.)
Now seriously, this is really good offer for members who like to enjoy superstar/royalty perks, for example  a well know and talented designers who want to have their bazaars full and virtual wallets as well, or talented stylists, people who are not afraid to invest that much of real money on a hobby. If you look at the total price, it may seem expensive, but divide it by month, and you get a really fair price for a monthly subscription. Not so expensive hobby, but yet quite entertaining. I hope it gets even more interesting soon, with changes they promised us. And btw, when is the second year of Stardoll Academy coming? Anyone?

I love winter months on Stardoll, especially December, as, usually, we get some cute advent calender gifts. Last week we had 2, if I remember well - one was for Hot Hot Buys, and the other for 'regular', mostly starcoin, (if not all) items. This year, only one - Hot Hot Buys Calender!

I had my hopes high for this one, meaning low prices, and cute pieces. It turned out completely opposite, well at least according to 1st HHB. Just take a look at it:

It is quite unattractive, and pricey. Now I've seen some members creating cute outfits using this skirt, but I really, really dislike it. Fingers crossed for next items. And there goes my plan of buying the whole collection... Disappointed.

Finally, a new feature on Stardoll, arrived on Wednesday as well!

Basically, it allows us to, while browsing friends' suites, and see an item we like, just click on basket button, and buy it for a price it sells in starplaza. Of course, we cannot buy anything that is not available in starplaza anymore, and no, not even LE items, if they ran out of  items.
Good thing: You see an item you like, and instead of searching plaza for it, you can buy it with just one click.
Bad thing: Copying is now much easier, as users can copy your entire outfit, or room, just with few clicks, instead of spending hours in searching for right items.
And regardless of good and bad things, I am glad Stardoll is actually updating their site. Because, you know, it gets boring doing the same things over and over again. My suggestion for next update - Nail Polish design studio! Anyone agrees with me??

On Thursday, we got a new floor of Minimalism store. Take a look at it:

According to comments, this store seems to be most popular and favorite amongst interior stores. Pieces are simple, yet trendy and stylish, they can go with many things. And I loved that bookshelf, though almost all of the pieces are gorgeous. I can see many new suite rooms getting inspired and made using this collection.

My personal highlight of a week happened on Friday - 2 new floors of Tress Up hairstyles store!

They are nice, stylish, and no weird colored, so you can change their color without them looking off. Many of them look really good on my doll, I am not sure though, whether I should wait for a sale, or grab them now while they are still here. Prices are a bit higher then usual collections, but totally worth it. The only downside is that there are only few short hairstyles. Just when I started using short hair.
On the other hand, seems like this store is Stardoll's idea of giving us more hairstyles, only not for free, but us having to pay for them. I think royalty members deserve some free hairstyles, since we haven't gotten many perks recently.

Events worth mentioning:
- Superstar offer Stardoll announced last Sunday hasn't happened yet. (Or it is platinum offer?)
- New Downtown background on Stardoll (instead of just on Facebook). Small alterations in tabs as well.
- New limited design templates - Harry Potter sunglasses and a sport bag
- New layout of Pretty n'Love store coming soon
- New chat room - Barbie themed (not sure it is/will be available for everyone though)
- Just Dance hidden store - with some cute starcoin items
- And the biggest - Chanel Tribute new store coming soon, probably on Monday

See my point? A LOT of events this week, I doubt it will be topped anytime soon. So now, as usual, chose your favorite moment of the week, and see you next Sunday.

~ Venus
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