"Last Week On Stardoll" - week #39

Hello readers, how's the weather at you? Here's freezing, and I really, really hate winter. But back to the purpose of my post, here goes yet another weekly recap.

On Monday we got another sale. Wow, didn't we have one quite recently?

Okay, it is true that the last sale didn't include interior and beauty items, but did we really need another sale? As I posted on my blog, Stardoll wants us to trick us into buying stuff we don't really need, just because they are on sale. And the 50% off prices should be regular prices in shops. Anyone agrees with me?

The same day, another new store hit the plaza. It is called MS.TQ.

I like the very concept and the idea behind this store. We got parts of hair, like fringe, ponytails, base hair, so we can mix and match and create creative, unique hairstyles. Not so unique like the ones in stardesign hair, but still.. Also, they are quite cheaper then ordinary stardesigned hairstyles. What I dislike is that we can't change colors of pieces, so sometimes it can be hard to mix and match and create interesting, pretty unique hairstyles.

On Wednesday, Callie.Stardoll (or whoever hides behind that name), released another collection of her picks - this time they were centered by an iconic little black dress.

The collection caused a madness in Stardoll community, considering many rares got re-released, including the infamous Black Pleather Platforms, for whom people paid at least 600 stardollars. There are also 2 Herve Leger real brand dresses, Lady Gaga black dress, Halloween Couture 2009 black boots, and some more rares. Prices are kinda high, but still a lot lower than the people used to charge for certain items. This is the first CP collection that has 2 floors.
Even the idea of a store is nice, who really needs that many black dresses? I prefer dressing my doll in pastel colors, or a bit brighter ones, but not much black. What about you?

Another attack on virtual (and real) wallets - LE Decor collection which arrived on Friday.

The collection is actually nice, and inspired by French interior. I love the cat, and there are some really beautiful pieces, and very useful when creating new room. But do many people want actually to pay that much for interior items? Items are overpriced, which is normal for LE, still, I'm not really sure whether they are wort investing in. What do you think??

Okay, so that was it for a last week, new updates are coming next week, according to official Stardoll Blog, and honestly, I can't wait to see them, and I hope I don't get disappointed. So now vote for your favorite moment, and see you next week!

~ Venus
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