"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #38

Good evening readers! Yeah, it is evening here, quite late, and I have classes tomorrow, but I didn't want to let you down. So here goes another weekly recap.

The week started with new Dot make up release.

We asked, and we got them - a more natural, earth toned make-up. I really like this collection, and I plan on buying some items, but I'll most likely wait for a sale, or a new gift-o-meter. (We haven't had one in a while.)

On Tuesday, we got a new Young Hollywood mini collection, inspired by São Paulo Fashion Week.

Now the items are okay, nice, and I loved the dress in the middle. They seem really fashionable and trendy. But I wanted to know what is your opinion on Stardoll releasing quite often so called 'mini' YH collections? In most cases, there are 2 or 3 outfits, priced around 50-100 stardollars, and available for everyone.Still, this is a lot of stardollars for a regular Stardoll user, so maybe this is a way they influence us to buy more precious gold coins.

Moving on, yet another limited collection, except it is limited in a different way. Take a look!

Yup, the collection is PPQ real brand, and it is limited by the time it will stay in starplaza. Above is the pic of my favorite floor, the other 2 have pretty much same pattern, just different types of clothing. The prices are high, of course. Again, I want to hear your opinion on Stardoll limiting items by time and not quantity. Do you think they will keep releasing this types of offers? Though this isn't really a first time of Stardoll limiting items by time - you surely know about hot buys which stay for a certain period of time, or holiday collections. Still, this is a bit different.

Yet another limited (and overpriced) stardesign pattern appeared on Friday. Look bellow.

Looks familiar? If I remember well, we had that item in stardesign shapes, but it turned out to be a different item. At a price of 11 stardollars, I say it is not worth it. But do people even design clothes and interior anymore? What I've seen, hairstyle designs seem to be the most popular (and expensive, of course). Agreed?

New nail polishes anyone? Here you go! (Friday as well.)

They are 'cute'. Price range 9-10 stardollars. Do we even need new nail polishes? Stardoll probably thinks so. I was expecting some starcoin polishes, since they come with a Furby campaign, but nope. Oh, well...

Yup, that's it, the end of my weekly recap. Phew.. It took me much less time than usual. I guess I am getting really used to writing these, or it is just a temporary inspiration flow. Anyway, chose your favorite moment, and as usual, see you next week.

~ Venus
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