"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #37

Hello friends, and welcome to yet another weekly wrap up. 3 releases and one store sale were the most important events last week, so I'm gonna review them all. So grab a coffee, get comfortable, maybe turn on some music, (Robin Stjernberg is my choice), and read on.

The first new release came on Monday - a new Fallen Angel clothing collection.

Now I remember the days when I'd scream of excitement for a new FA collection, but my goth phase is way behind me now. Honestly, I can't find now any item that I'd actually use and let my doll wear. I dislike the shapes, texture, colors. Too dark, to weird. Nope. Not buying any. What about you?

The most controversial, and the most talked about store, got it's 2nd collection release - the store is Callie's Picks, and the collection is Denim themed.

Upon the announcement of a new store theme, me and some other users thought of Antidote Denim collection. But they can't bring back limited items? Or can they?
Don't worry, though. No Antidote, or any other limited items in this collection. There are some rares though, like Belted Loop Sweater (from Halloween Couture tribute 2009), Studded Clogs (from first Chanel collection), and some others. There are some Kohl's items, which is great, as I didn't get them when they were selling in stores, and Stardoll didn't make them sellable upon store leaving the plaza. I like the store overall, but honestly, I was expecting better, as I am a big fan of denim, both in real life and Stardoll.

Mood Market store got on closing sale this Thursday.

Only a small group of users seemed to like this store, so no wonder it is closing not long after release. Personally, I liked wigs, and Mondrian inspired dress, but the other items are just not my taste. I hope most of you waited for a sale, and I'm not sure how long this will stay on sale before finally leaving the plaza, so grab your favorite pieces while you can.
Speaking if themed stores, what kind of store would you like to see? What kind of items would you buy? Here's your chance of your voice being heard by thousands of users. Just post your ideas in comments.

New Doree collection came on Friday.

I am not sure what's the point of releasing new hair colors, when most of them are too similar to ones we had before. And seriously, not many users wear green hair. Make them sellable, please. (And while doing that, pretty please increase the limit of stuff we can have at bazaar at once.)

Yeah, kinda boring week. Always expecting a better one, agreed? But go ahead, chose your favorite weekly moment, and come here next week for hopefully another weekly wrap up. See ya soon,

~ Venus
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