"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #36

Good afternoon! I hope your week was nice. Did you enjoy last week on your favorite site? Not much important stuff happened, and I will review only the most important ones. Here we go.

On Monday, Stardoll decided to give us yet another surprise for Halloween - New Young Hollywood collection!

As you can see, it is full pf costumes inspired by real outfit worn by celebs for this holiday. I really loved some of the costumes, which I bought too. My favorites are Mermaid costume, Fairy and Red Ridding Hood costumes. Mouse and Miss Universe were okay too, while others are, in my opinion, not so good. I am really glad Stardoll decided to release some costumes for Halloween, but why did they have to be released as limited? Why not just release 'normal' collection, like in Tingeling, and lower the prices? More people would definitely buy, and we need more costumes!

 Another sale that took many by surprise, started on Wednesday

Yeah, I was pretty sure there won't be sale on this store, but In was wrong. Stardoll clearly stated that this collection would leave soon, but not many expected that it would leave with a sale. Though the prices are now much more affordable, I can feel the annoyance of people who rushed to buy their favorite stuff and spent many stardollars. For those who did not wait for a sale, a small hint - if you ever decide to sell them, you will most likely have better chance of selling to newer users, than the ones which got them on sale, as most of people look at the original price of the item they are buying so they don't get ripped off.

The same day, another Spending collection got released - consisting of colorful eyelashes and make-up.

I really like Stardoll's idea to release make up that we can put on easily, instead of using our regular make-up, because, as you know, it is quite hard to make it look right with regular one. Another funny thing that happened - the eyelashes in the top right corner were at first sold for 75 starcoins each, while the blue make-up next to them was priced 75 stardollars. A while later, Stardoll fixed the glitch, making eyelashes 7 stardollars, and make-up 75 starcoins. So lucky members got 2 pairs of new collection for starcoins.

Another release, this time interior, in Sweet Suites store, happened on Friday.

I don't really buy or care about interior, and this collection seems a bit random, with not so much matching pieces. There a few items I like, but as usual, I'd rather spend my stardollars on clothes. It is true - girl can never have enough clothes, not even in her virtual closet.

Also, we expected this week to get new Callie's Picks collection, as well as new Archive, which usually comes out at 1st day of a month, which was Friday. Believe it or not, but I can't wait for a new collections - yes, I changed my original opinion and attitude towards those re-releases.

Now you can, as usual, chose your favorite moment of a week, so chose wisely ;)

What are your impressions of last week? And what are your hopes for a next one?

~ Venus
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