How to send your self free stuff for your suite

Hey guys i have this cheat since ages ago.. its how to send your self free stuff with out a ss membership
& yes i know that maybe 25% people who visit this blog may know it . I'm just posting it to help others who didn't know it :D

1st. Make a fake account

2nd. Get sd & sc - If you don't know how to getsd   then just connect your fake account to facebook , twitter , and if you have the toolbar for stardoll then just refresh it until you see the fake account's name on it , and maybe do the sd academy if you really need it

3rd. Vist your account from the fake one

4th. Send yourself 5 cupcakes from the suite shop

5th. Refresh the page

6th. Open the suite shop and if you send something in sd then if you try to send something else in sc you can after sending something in sd without refreshing - BUT IF you send something in sd and trying to send another item in sd it won't work it will say * You need to be a superstar to send it *

7th. Enjoy your free gifts :P

TIP : 1st. Don't go all *Crazy* when you don't find your interior you send , it will be send just takes a while for it to show up .
 2nd . If you send a background for  your Camera you must find it in your camera affects  :]

                                Got a question ? Don't understand a particular part?
                                            feel free to ask me in the comments down
                                                                         Lots of love ~

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