"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #32

Good evening! I hope your week was good, and I hope the following one will be even better. While waiting for the next week to start, let's see how was last week on your favorite site.

On Tuesday, October the 1st, new Archive collection came (back) to starplaza.

Items are nothing special, in my opinion. One thing I noticed is that Stardoll often brings back stuff which were sold in starcoins, and puts them in starplaza for stardollars. I think it is really good, as most of members don't want to sell their valuable stuff for starcoins, so they stay forever in our clothes, we don't weat them, but don't want to just sell them for 'nothing'. I wish though they expand the store to at least whole 2-3 floors. Agreed?

On Thursday, after some floors suddenly went missing (they got back eventually), new nelly collection arrived.

I personally think Nelly store has the best pieces, the colors and shapes are fantastic, and I love, love the boots, both short and long ones, they look so natural and yet classy and elegant. The prices are okay, given the quality (compared to some LE collections). There are some basic items, that can be matched perfectly with many items.

Not really a big news, but still worth mentioning, new stardesign template become available (for, as I heard, a limited time) - this time a bag, priced 9 stardollars.

The good thing is, I see many nicely designed bags on Stardoll. The bad thing is, I'm not a real fan of accessories, especially this shape, it looks kinda boring and unflattering.

This week, we got 2 of October's monthly hotbuys.

The necklace is okay, but it is really similar to starcoin one from Pretty'n'Love. Yeah, it has a heart, it is labeled as a "Hot Buy", but the price is much higher. Compared to that, the Hot Buys Lace Dress is fairly priced, yet really nice and wearable. Which one was your favorite?

Did you like the last week on Stardoll? And what are your expectations for the next week?
Chose your favorite moment and see ya next week.

~ Venus
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