"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #29

Good morning readers. Miss Stardoll World contest first round is ending very soon, in a less than a day. Yeah, even some users got message that the round 2 has already started, on MSW official Stardoll page says clearly it starts on Monday, September the 16th. Are you glad the spamming will be lessened, or you are hoping to get into semi-finals? What were your experiences of this year's MSW?
Expecting to see some other non-MSW related news in recap? Don't hold your hopes up.Here's how last week went:

On Monday, we got new polished collection - MSW inspired, of course.

They are nice, glitzy, nice shapes, colors and patterns. But I think I've mentioned already that not many users want to buy nail-polish for such high prices, considering it can be only seen while hovering mouse over hands/toes, which, at least I, almost always forget to do while visiting dolls. I still might buy 2 or 3, because of the reasons I mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph.

On Tuesday, we got this message in our inboxes:

It is MSW inspired, of course. A tiara. Well, it is true I wanted some new tiaras for this MSW, but this looks like a 5 year old played with cardboard, and made it look this way. Childish, tacky, no way I'm designing or buying that design. Good thing is, we can expect new items to design next week as well, because Stardoll said in their official starblog they'll be new items every week. Hoping next week's item will be way better.

Finally, a non MSW related news this week - a new interior store released on Wednesday.

It is Pretty n'Love interior collection, and it is really nice. My favorites are dress stands, flower pots, and stairs look really good too. Nice, pastel colored, not too tacky collection, with many useful and good looking items, it is a nice change to usual decor stores. Are you gonna buy something, or rather spend money on advertising for MSW, or maybe wait for sale?

On Friday, we got new Epiphany collection.

It consists of tiaras and headbands, with only one necklace. Tiaras look okay, and they are fairly cheap, compared to other Epiphany collections. But my question is, will anyone even use tiaras when MSW is over? They look good on contest page, and you'd definitely look good if you get through semi-finals wearing tiara with the sash you get, but what after that? After, they'll just look tacky. So think again before investing in this type of accessories. Unless you love glitzy and sparkling jewelry, then just go ahead and buy what you like.

So this was all from last week, (other than some freebies we could grab). Are you staying up tonight to check if you've passed to round 2 of MSW, or rather getting rest before school in the morning? I wish all readers, and especially writers of this blog, good luck into getting qualified to semi-final.
Enough with MSW for today. Now just chose a moment which was a highlight of the week, and see you soon.

~ Venus
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