"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #28

Good evening everyone! How was your first week at school? Did you have time, besides homework, hanging out with friends, studying for tests, etc. at least a little time for your favorite online game? Truth is, if you missed this week on Stardoll, you didn't miss much. It was kinda boring. Except some freebies that were available, for certain countries of course. Quite a lot freebies, for a usual week on Stardoll. Still want to see the highlights of the week?? Keep reading.

The start of week, and a new month, brought another Stardoll Archive release.

The store is okay, with few rare-ish Miss Sixty clothing pieces, and some other cute items. Nothing special, nothing that caught my attention, aside from stuff I already own. I am usually anxious about each new Archive release, what Stardoll will bring back, will that be some rares I overpaid, or could have sold them for high prices, but that's the risk, not only me, but some other resellers and collectors, have to take.

Now I don't usually recap stuff like this, but since the week was, did I forget to mention, 'kinda' boring.

The release of new party room on Tuesday, Miss Stardoll World inspired. It is okay, though I am disappointed it isn't free. The background is similar to pic on MSW official page on Stardoll.

I don't write about stuff like these, but desperate times...

Basically, there was an extra Stardoll Academy, MSW inspired as well, which surprisingly gives stardollars as a gift for completing tasks, as well as a par of not so new earrings. (Wednesday.)

MSW store (finally) appeared in starplaza, on Friday to be exact.

Okay, let me get this straight. What do you expect from a store dedicated a competition that resembles Miss World? Long formal gowns, gorgeous sparkling jewelery, shiny tiaras (ok we got some, 2 tiaras). What did we get? Tacky, weird shapes and colors, just wrong. A huge disappointment to those who were looking forward to this store.

I hope next week will be 'less boring' than this one, which won't be really hard I guess. Until then, as usual, vote your favorite moment of a week, and see ya, as usual, next Sunday!

~ Venus
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