100 starcoins and an outfit from My Little Pony Equestria Girls - FRANCE

If you are from France, just log into your account and do the same thing without a proxy

For those who are anywhere else from France, you will need to use one of the manual proxies: (If you do not know how to use manual proxies click HERE to learn. You have to FOLLOW THE STEPS EXACTLY AS IT IS WRITTEN!!!!)

IP: Port: 80
IP: Port: 3128
IP: Port: 3128

After setting the proxy go here:

Log into your account, and you will see an pink icon near the Stardoll Academy, click there

click at the first task, you will be redirected to the club, join it!

Now, you will need to chose ONLY one of these ponies ( I tried to open the 6 tabs to get the 6 outfits but it doesn1t work anymore, Stardoll must have fix this :( , only the first one that you choose will be delivered to your suite, ok?)

Wait until only the PICK ME of the doll you choose is appearing! Go to your suite and put the outfit and save

Now click again in the pink icon and you will be redirected to the dress up page, choose one of the ponies to dress and save it!!

Done, now you can cross off the proxy and go to Stardoll as usual.

xoxo, sdoreymenano

PS: There is another task from France with manual proxy too, so if you want to do that one too, only log off your account and log in again, ok?

NOTE: Forgive me for the late post, my notebook broke this morning and I lost everything from it and can't even log in to windows, so I needed to take an old netbook and configurate with all the updates of the anti virus and system to be able to use it, ok? I will have too much to do this next hours to get all of my informations updated :( Hope you understand me!!
xoxo, sdoreymenano

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