"Last Week on Stardoll" - Week #11

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Hello readers. Are you enjoying the sunny weather? It is great time to go out with your friends, play outside with your dog, drink ice tea on the terrace with your mother. Or to read this post, and the do the mentioned stuff.

On Tuesday, we got new offer from Stardoll. Quite different one, though.

It is a good offer, since you get rooms worth of approx 1000sd for a 10$, but I don't really like the idea of paying real money to get rooms. I am not even mentioning starcoins, because, frankly, they are kinda useless. And no, you won't get money for suites you already own, so not a good deal for people who do have 2 or 3.

The same day, a long anticipated Young Hollywood "collection" arrived.

I am not sure whether it can be called collection, since we got only 2 outfits. Good thing, they were available to everyone. Bad thing, the colors on dress are different from the original, black and gray. Collection was inspired by Met Ball 2013. 
Jiggly Puff : "I'm just wondering why they released this and not a whole store..."
I am wondering the same, and I hope it get released eventually. 

On Wednesday, we got new interior for Millionaire Mansion suite, 3 floors, to be exact.

It is nice, has a luxury touch, and the poodle is just lovely.

The same day, we got 3 for 2 sale offer, for certain interior stores.

Is Stardoll making us spend more money on interior? It seems so, according to latest offers and releases.
Ruby77 : "Interior? I'd better buy clothes."
Yeah, I know we have too many clothes in starplaza, but girl can never have enough, even they are virtual ;)

Thursday brought us new Original Future collection.

Now I don't want to sound mean and rude, but almost everyone agrees that the collection is horrible. Just look:
ᴄᴀᴏɪᴍʜᴇ ғʀᴇᴀᴋɪɴɢ sᴛʏ: "I would have to say the quality of the clothes is cheap. The way it looks, it looks like poor graphics and I wouldn't like my doll looking overly fake with those, one or two or nice but I doubt I will buy anything"
Dudasky: "Bad graphics and overpriced!! This collection was a huge disappointment!!"

Kimberly Dean: "Everything looks so flat and childish aside from a few things. Verrrry overpriced to."
 Thanks for reading, and please vote and comment, thank you.

~ Venus
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