FREE 100 Starcoins!

If you are from UK, follow the steps below except the one that says to use a proxy.

You must have next to the Academy Button a new Button that looks like this:

If you are not from UK first check if the little button above has appeared in your suite next to the Academy one. 

IF NOT you'll have to use a web proxy so this little button appears for you too, go to or or  

Go to as usual and log in

Check if you have the little new button we mentioned earlier. If you do click here:

You should see this:

Click the button "Email to friend" (it's underneath the dress-up doll!)
This will pop up:

Fill the spaces (you can use fake information if you want)
Email must be in the form otherwise it won't work.

After you fill all the boxes. Click the "Email to friend" button as in picture above.
Now on the same page, save the dress-up doll like this:

Click save in the pop-up window, done! 
You should see this and you'll have 100 extra starcoins in your account!

Click "Finish Project" and you're done! 
Exit the proxy if you were using one as you won't need it anymore!

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