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It is that time again where you...Our biggest Competition is here and you..
the readers of USD
...have to decide for USD's new Covergirl

For the March Scenery Competition the theme was:
Movie Inspired Sceneries
and you Will be AMAZED with the finalists

Next to each stardoll nick, the movie that the scenery was inspired is explained.
Check them all and then vote for your favourite in the poll following the sceneries.

Here are the best Sceneries that made it to the final:

esmereldafluteInspired by "Charlotte's Web"

darllitsa-Inspired by the Heart Room of "Moulin Rouge"

Marthamay... - Inspired by "Memoirs of a Geisha"

amandababe23 - Ispired by "Black Swan"

AnneHattaway - Inspired by "Les Miserables"

Melissa-Star - Inspired by "Tangled"

 dl.eclipse - Inspired by "Burlesque"

kayuskastar - Inspired by "The Notebook" 

WhiskeyMystic - Inspired by "Cabaret"

didi1501 - Inspired by "Finding Nemo"

anamceleb - Inspired by "Twilight: Breaking Dawn"

strifykiro4eva - Inspired by "Rivendell"  of the "The Hobbit")

elminimouse - Recreation of the Original poster of the movie "Silver Linings Playbook"
MT_moxeteen - Inspired by "Burlesque"

Amy-princess01 - Inspired by "Up"

Sataliahti - Inspired by "Wizard of Oz"

xxnicoletxx- Inspired by  "Alice in Wonderland"

corene411 - Recreation of the poster of the movie "Beautiful Creatures"

jillian2525-Inspired by "The Hunger Games"

Sziszi92 - Inspired by "Life of Pi"
SweetNytmare - Inspired by "Les Miserables"

 GigglySemma-mai - Inspired by "Tangled "

Now vote for the best. You can choose up to 4 Sceneries

(Also Do not forget to share your ideas in the comments for the April Contest.
 Which should be the Theme of the next Contest ?)

Congratulations to everyone that participated!!!

...xoxo M_Themis
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