StarDesign Of The Week: Week 1

Hi guys! 
I've decided to do a new feature on Underneath Stardoll: Star Design of the week.
Each week, I will invite an up-and-coming designer to talk about their designs on the blog & promote their creations. 
Hopefully we can get lesser-known designers the recognition they deserve!


The first designer that I have decided to feature is: laia_fergusson_

Hey Luis! Tell us a bit about yourself.
Hello Angharad and readers, well, I am a young boy from Colombia, passionate about fashion and good dressing... (at least in Stardoll) I am 19 years old, I play Stardoll since 5 years ago, I am a graphic designer and will soon begin to study fashion design, and I have a blog where I share some views and opinions about Stardoll and obviously some of my outfits (like Lookbook). (You can visit Luis' blog here)

What/Who inspires your designs?
About my designs, my inspiration comes sometimes just from my head, trying to do self portraits of my doll, but most of my designs are inspired by real clothes as Givenchy, Nikki Lipstick, or simply of things that I see on the Internet and I believe other people would like.

Do you have other designing interests outside of Stardoll?
I love to draw, I have on mind to do a fashion line, participate in the Stardoll Fashion Week and continue to share my talent with you! Because it is you who inspires me and leads me to do things.

Do you have any advice for other designers?
As advice, I would tell them not to panic or be intimidated, it's hard starting but then they will know you and the way it gets easier. Never stop doing this and always reinvent and create new things!

Thanks  for letting me interview you Luis!
Greetings again everyone, I hope you go to my suite and if you like any of my designs, just leave a message in the guestbook or take a look at my bazaar I'm always restocking.

Do you like his designs? What are you thoughts on this new blog feature?
Feel free to recommended some designers that you think deserve to get recognised! 


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