"Last Week on Stardoll" - Week #5

Hello everyone. Another week has gone by, can you believe it? Was it good for you? Mine was okay, but for sure it could have been better. While anticipating newest limited store or Stardoll Academy year 2, let's do another recap of Stardoll related news, 5th one so far.

Second time this month, new collection of Killah has arrived in starplaza.

The collection is okay, I guess, but we had already one release this month, can't Stardoll at least wait a while before releasing another collection? And what about other stores? About this collection, there are some nice pieces, but why winter jackets? It is spring now, not according to weather, at least in my country, but still. 

Yet another HotBuys Weekly arrived on Wednesday, but this time we got a little surprise.

Upon release, there was a glitch that allowed you to buy pink lipstick for 12 starcoins, instead of 12 stardollars. I am not sure how long did it last, but when I woke up and checked starplaza, it was regular price. Btw, this is the first time we got HotBuys make-up, and there are also a nice pink bag with gold studs, sunglasses, and the headphones, all of them following the pink/gold theme. A bit too 'girly' though, so I'm not really sure wheter I will buy them, except maybe for headphones, because I use them a lot in real life. 

This week we got another closing down sale, this time a really good one.

Lots of real brand inspired stores are closing down for good. I think this is a good chance to get some stuff you like, because later prices might go sky high in bazaars. Though might also save your precious stardollars, because Stardoll usually releases some limited store after that. The clothes are mostly childish, and maybe we will get some new stores for older members, at least I hope so. 

Yet another childish collection arrived on Thursday. It Girls, to be exact.

Colors are mostly pink and blue pastels, and they are 'cute', but I couldn't find anything to catch my eye. Still, I am sure some will like them. Not me though. 

This week ended with spectacular Miss Sixty sale, the old collections.

There are some really good pieces, and for 50% off, this is a great opportunity to grab some nice pieces. The store is NOT closing down, they are just getting rid of old collections so that store doesn't become too crowded. 

This was it, the last week on Stardoll recap. I hope you enjoyed it, and as usual, here goes the poll so you can chose your favorite moment of this week.

~ Venus
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