"Last Week on Stardoll" - Week #4

I am sitting at my PC, a cup of warm coffee on my desk, music playing on online radio, my cat sleeping on my desk, and I am ready to do another weekly column post. But first, I want to say I am really sorry for all of users that have lost their valuable virtual clothes and stardollars in the newest hacking trick. Gotta admit, I almost fell for it, but before I clicked on link, I saw comment replying and saying 'hacker', so I gave up. These events, are surely, the highlight of this week. And unlike the last week, this week was loaded with new events, releases, sales etc. Like always, I will mention the most important ones.

On Monday, we got the following offer in our inboxes:

Basically, you had to spend at least 100 stardollars in either starplaza or suite shop (not starbazaar) to get the outfit from the picture. I wasn't really a fan of the outfit, but I had stuff on my wishlist for a while and so decided this was the right time. I am not sure if I will ever wear it, but it was for free, so why not?? Also, some users figured that they are making us spend money because the new limited collection is coming, but nothing happened yet..

On Wednesday, finally, the Starmovie contest winners got announced.

My opinion: Winner had really weird video, 2nd place was one of my favorites, and 3rd was okay. But only one user was actually waring her reward gown, and she is really kind, I wrote to her guestbook and she replied nicely. The girl who won 3rd prize hasn't logged on for a week, so she most certainly has no idea about her reward.

On Tuesday, new floor of Sweet Suites got released.

This collection was inspired by Carrie Diaries, prequel of famous TV show. This is good for people who decorate their suites to look like real clothes, we got even shoes which we can buy, but they are not wearable, they are only for display. I wish Stardoll would make all shoes to be able to be arranged and put like those.

On Friday and Saturday we got 2 stores having 50% closing sale - Windows on The World and Tingeling.

I think now is your chance to get the stuff you like, because I am pretty sure the prices will rise in starbazaars later. I am wondering whether Stardoll is planning on introducing some new stores to replace those.

On Friday, we also got an offer for Easter pass.

There is nothing unusual about this pass, for $ 9.95 (or whatever the currency in your country is, for me, it is 499 dinars, which converts into $ 5.8 ), you will get 60 days of superstar membership, 333 stardollars, 333 starcoins, and 10 gifts. What is disappointing, is that the gifts you get by purchasing this pass, are the ones you can find in stores, some of them on sale. Stardoll could have created some new clothes instead.

Other important events worth mentioning:
- Earth Hour campaign on Stardoll - did you turn off your lights yesterday at 8:30 PM?
- New Hotbuys Weekly - the worst ones so far, agree?
- Miss Sixty new collection released
- Bratz Store released, hidden for most countries

And of course, you have voted as highlight of last week 3 for 2 suite shop sale. But what about this week? Vote bellow.

~ Venus
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