"Last week on Stardoll" - Week #3

Hello everyone, it's me again and my weekly column. This week, you have voted, and chosen for the best moment 50% sale at Dot and Doree, but the new starcoin boxes were really close second. I guess you all love buying stuff on discount, nothing unusual, I love it too.

This week was really, really weak with new stuff, updates and features. But the biggest thing was that the Starmovie contest finalists have been announced and put to be voted.

I watched each and every single of them, and I gotta admit, most of them are really good, creative, unique. Some are not so good, and there are some with spelling and grammar errors, as well some in languages I don't understand, and some kinda weird. I voted my favorite, and I will keep voting it every day. What are your favorites?

The same day, new Killah clothes collection arrived. 

As I am usually a fan of this brand, I was kinda disappointed with this collection, it just doesn't look good to me. They are pricey as well, nothing unusual though, considering it is inspired by real life brand.

This week they arrived in time, instead of being late, actually, the picture for them in starplaza arrived even before. New weekly houtbuys, 5th. 

As you can see, the main theme is denim, so not only jeans, but the shirt, dress and shoes are inspired by denim fabric. texture and colors. I gotta say, as far as I can see, people are starting getting really disappointed more and more by hotbuys, they are just not the same quality as they used to be long time ago.. I am not big fan of them either. 

On Thursday we got message from Stardoll informing us about sale in suite shop, in shops shown on picture bellow.

It is not usual 50% or 25% sale, but it is 3 for 2 sale, meaning if you buy 3 items, you will get charged for 2, and get the cheapest one for free. I am not sure, though, how this works in suite shop, it is not like you put them all in dressing room. Can someone give me a hint? I don't buy in suite shop, I am just not into decorating my suite. 

Believe it or not, these were the only important news for this week. As some of you may be disappointed, Stardoll Academy 2nd year hasn't started yet, hopefully on Monday. And I really hope the next week brings us more excting changes and news. Until then, vote on the poll, and have fun.

~ Venus
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