"Last week on Stardoll" - Week #2

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Hello everyone, and welcome to week 2 of USD's new column. First of all, I want to thank everyone for nice comments, here and in my guestbook. I read them all, and it was a real pleasure. Now let's get the point and purpose of this post.

On Monday, new collection of Film Theory store arrived. Theme for this collection was Orient Express.
You have chosen the best moment of last week to be 50% sale in this particular store, so I guess many are excited about new collection. Except for the prices. They are 'kinda' high, but nothing unusual. Though I would have expect only real brands and limited clothes having prices that high.  

In the same day, Starmovie contest has officially started. Your task is to create nice, unique and quality movie using Starmovie feature.

The prizes are really good, along with stardollars, winner and 2 runner-ups will receive each one unique gown, specifically designed for this contest. So whoever gets 1st to 3rd place will have one-of-a-kind beautiful formal gown. The downside is that creating starmovie costs 10 stardollars, which non-superstar usually can't afford. And again, winner will be voted by other members, which makes it another popularity contest, like MSW and Covergirl contest.

On Wednesday new, much anticipated, collection of Miss Sixty real brand inspired clothes has arrived.
This collection seems to be 'waker' compared to other collections, and according to Stardoll members. The clothes are perfect for upcoming spring. There are variety of colors, but red, blue and olive green stand out. Still, Miss Sixty remains as my personal favorite real brand on Stardoll.

On Wednesday also, Stardoll made a slight change in daily starcoin boxes. This way we have less boxes to chose from, and when we open one, the other boxes show what we missed.
This can be kinda annoying, being able to see what we missed. In one of the boxes is sign that says 'home sweet home' , kinda useless though. Some users, including me, claim they have gotten 3 stardollars. For me, first when I opened a box I got 1starcoin, but later that day, when I logged out and in again, the box popped up again and I got stardollars. These boxes are nicer compared to previous ones, I am just wondering what will happen with gifts superstar and royalty members used to get every 5th day. 

On Friday Stardoll surprised us with 50% sale at Dorée and Dot. Now you can get some nice hair colors and make-up at really nice prices.
Even I like the sale, I still won't buy a lot, simply because it seems that Stardoll wants to try selling these hideous neon colored hair colors and make-up, as I am not sure many have bought them.

Some other moments that happened last week and are worth only mentioning:
- new Hotbuys Weekly, surprisingly, we got no clothing items, just accessories
- free Winx outfit and doll, including a pair of wings, perfect for collectors like me
- spoilers for Stardoll Academy - we can expect it to start year 2 on Monday
- new Killah store is about to get released soon, on Monday as well I guess

Thanks again for staying with me, and now you can vote for your favorite moment this week.

~ Venus

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