FREE Toonix Bear

Go to Stardoll and
1.Click on "My Account"
2.On the page that opened click "Settings"
3.on the Page that opened find your user id number and Copy it

Now you will have to paste this link into the url of your browser but at the end you will put your USER ID number:

(for example in my case I would visit the link, you will have the same link but the number at the end will be your id))

After you have visited the link you created with YOUR ID number you will have to wait for the page to fully load...might take a while

You will eventually  see this:
Click the button "Create a Toonix" ,as shown above.
You will see now this:

Click the "Next' button, as shown above
You will now see this:
Fill all the boxes(you can use fake infos) and hit Next , as shown above but be careful:
ATTENTION: Email must have the form i show in the picture: "", even if it is fake

After you have clicked next wait to see this page saying thanks:

Once you see it you are done. Close and go to Stardoll.
The freebie will arrive in your suite after a while
Special thanx to HTGF

...xoxo M_Themis

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