Covergirl of the Month Contest Winner

This was by far the best competition. All entries were breathtaking and the battle to the winner was hard. 
Second place was only 5 Votes away.

Another Month ends, Another Covergirl Contest ends too. ...and this month is a surprise cause the user behind the doll that won is a boy. Yep...So we have USD's First CoverBoy.

So..Who won on the March Competition? Well according to your votes..

USD's CoverBoy of the Month is

His Scenery for the "Movie Inspired  Sceneries" contest was this one:
 (Inspired by Alice in Wonderland")

And now moving on to know our new Coverboy through an interview with him:
Stardoll Nick: xxNixoletxx

At first, let us know some things about you so that our readers know you better. Who is xxnicoletxx? 
Good Day readers, i am xxnicoletxx, and my name is Kyle. I am a male user on star doll and currently located in Bermuda. I live with my amazing parents, and my really coot brother. I am very friendly, and STRAIGHT.
How does it feel to be our new Coverboy?  
 Truly i was really surprised! But really i was at a restaurant and i decided to check my Stardoll and i see that M_themis wrote on my wall, saying to accept her friend request. so i followed through and i see she commented that I've won. so at that time i was jumping for joy! and everyone who was with me at the restaurant looked at me weird. hahaa but that was my reaction when i was notified that i was CG of Underneath Stardoll!
What inspired you to make this scenery in this months competition?
 This months theme was really an awesome  i wanted something to stand out because i got a hang of the new mannequins so i wanted to incorporated that into the scenery. So i was listing a few of the movies i loved and i remembered about how Alice fell in the tree. and i just knew that i had to do that. So that's how i was inspired to make the Alice in Wonderland themed scenery.
What are your passions in real life?
 In real life i aim for the best! i am really focused on exercising a lot more so gain that muscle x_x and also i want to be better at school not saying that i'm bad at the moment but to improve because really there is a lot of room for improvement!
Could you describe to us your style?
 Well, at the moment i dress a lot with the Brand Hollister. Like i stand out to a lot of the guys in school. Because the regular guy wears a brand name shirt, jeans, and either boat shoes or like vans. But me i would where shorts, with toms or even flip flops. so basically id say that my style is like a laid back beach look. you know?
What is your biggest wish for the future?
My biggest wish for the future would be to win a talent search contest, because i love to sing and i love to act. But also i wish to finish college in a (dunno yet) Degree and have a decent life with a loving family.
If you could change one thing in stardoll what would that be?  
The thing that i would like to change is that small countries like Bermuda can enter for MSW and can have national CG. because i cant even earn a trophy for my island! 
What do you want people to remember about you when and if you ever leave stardoll?
Lastly, The main thing i want all people on Stardoll to remember is that a guy cant be discriminated from the a Girl game. In today's world its like guys cant be able to play girl games and girls can't be able to do guy things. so i just want people to remember is that I'm a guy and I, as a guy, can achieve CB and stuff even though you don't see it often but we can. and also just saying. i bet half of your clothes are made from a guy. hollaa.xoo see yah!
Congratulations once again

Visit him here:

The top 5 Medolls for March were:
1. xxNicoletxx (197 Votes)
2. Amy-princess01  (192 Votes)
3. Sziszi92 (186 Votes)
4. AnneHattaway (172 Votes)
5. jillian2525 (122 Votes)

All the Results here:

You can check all the entries that took part in the contest here: 

Congratulations to ALL...

April Contest will Start on the next days...

Stay tuned....

...xoxo M_Themis

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