About Comments and Security

At first be sure you have read the A Little Warning post.

After this issue has occured the past days the safety of the comments will be increased starting today. From now on in order to comment on the blog immediately,  you will need to have a verified email or use your facebook or twitter account or google etc etc. If you post with an unverified email your comment will be reviewed by us before it is posted on the blog.

 The writers of this blog soon will become moderators of the comments and they will be able to delete/edit/moderate inappropriate ones.

There will be strongest filters of moderation, such as keywords filtering on inapropriate words and links.

This will be a little trouble at first but we will get used to it quickly as with all changes. To start and get it over verify your email as soon as possible and everything will go back to normal.

I believe a little time worths the safety of your Stardoll account.

REMEMBER:Never click something that is not posted by us. Even if something it is posted in comments wait for us to post it in a post and use our way!!! You never know who wants to help and who wants to scam.

Comment here today and Verify your email to get this over...

Stay safe...

...xoxo M_Themis

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