A Little Warning

Hey guys, this isn't really a Stardoll related post but I just wanted to warn you NOT to click any links in the comments section unless they are from writers on the blog!

A number of people have had their accounts hacked, had items stolen & stardollars stolen too from clicking unsafe links in the comments section!

Here is an example of a post they might leave:

The proxy link takes you straight to Stardoll where you would normally log in/enter a contest as usual. The hacker then uses your log in details to hack you & log into your account! (The contest & free gift in the post does not exist and neither does the user 'elizabeth0173')

If you have clicked on a link, then I would advise you to change your password immediately in order to secure your account.

If you do see such comments like this, you should 'downvote' the post and click the arrow in the top right corner and select 'flag as inappropriate'. By doing this, the comments will get removed and we can prevent more people from getting hacked!

I hope this warning was useful to you guys and would just like to remind you again NOT to click any links in the comments section unless they are from one of the blog writers!

(The writers are M_Themis, sdoreymenano, Mateotkd, the2glams, Venus and myself)

Stay safe dolls!

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