Interview with Miss Stardoll World 2012 - Ashleesoul

Welcome dollies to one more of our special Interviews that i've been doing here on Underneath Stardoll
depending the events on stardoll. This time i thought we should get to know a little more the winner of Miss Stardoll World 2012 - Ashleesoul. So, i invited her over on USD for an exclusive interview.

Let's go.

Hello ashleesoul and welcome to Underneath Stardoll . The MSW 2012 Competition ended. Congratulations on your win and wish you the best of luck from now on in your Real and Virtual life.
Im here to have an interview with you today for Underneath Stardoll.

M_Themis:At first i would like to know some things about you. Who is ashleesoul?
Ashleesoul:My name is Heba it's an Arabic name, it means ' gift ' i'm an adult and i live in Jeddah a great city in Saudi Arabia but at the moment i live in Singapore for education purposes .

M_Themis:Besides Miss Stardoll World 2012 , you were also Miss Saudi Arabia on the 2011 competition and came 8th globally. I can see you have also won Covergirl, you have won 5 times the Hottest Fashion Designer award, you've been 2 times Best Hair Designer  and you have won also Best Scenery , Best Album, Party Planner and Best Starmovie. After all these wins i can say that you definetely worth the title of Miss Stardoll World, but does this stop or you want to win the rest awards(not that there are many left , haha)?
Ashleesoul:Haha! Thank you. Of course i won't stop, i really want to win the 3 remaining awards especially the catwalk one.

M_Themis:After all those wins would you say that MSW 2012 is the most valuable one and why?
Ashleesoul:Definitely, the MSW2012 is the most valuable award i've ever won because i competed with the most talented girls in stardoll.What made it even more valuable was also the jury vote.

M_Themis:Rumour has it that in order  to win MSW it will cost you a lot of Stardollars. What is your honest oppinion on that?
Ashleesoul: I won't lie to you, money plays a huge part in the win but that's not everything! People won't vote for you unless you have a talented good looking medoll and a beautiful suite. You also need the support of your family( i have 4 members of my family playing in the game lol ), friends and your country.

M_Themis:What was your first reaction when you learned that you were in fact the Miss Stardoll World of 2012?
Ashleesoul:I was surprised and overjoyed i couldn't believe that i won =p

M_Themis:What do you believe are some good tips for someone who will want to run for MSW next year?
Ashleesoul:They have to be themselves and have some originality. Copying won't get you far in MSW .

M_Themis:I can tell that the crown brings fame. Fame though sometimes bring also haters. Do you see that? And how do you respond to that kind of critisism?
Ashleesoul:Of course, i can't win everyone's heart, noone can! There will be always haters trying to bring me down but i just ignore them and let them hate =)

M_Themis:I will ask you something that i also asked ceren.gk , the previous MSW. You have stayed in the history of stardoll now as MSW 2012. You even have your own Dress-up Doll on Stardoll. You have achieved the highest achievement a doll could ask for by winning MSW. Does Stardoll lose interest when you have won the ultimate title or you find stardoll equally intresting as before?
Ashleesoul:What i love about stardoll is that they always have something new to attract your attention
 they won't let you get bored.

M_Themis:Will you run for Miss Stardoll World next year or that part is over now?
Ashleesoul:Yes, i will!! =)) ....No, i'm just kidding!! Haha, I won't be running for MSW next year .

M_Themis:This interview is coming to an end. Is there anything you want to add personally to the people that read this interview? Or/and anything you wanna say to people that will run for MSW 2013?
Ashleesoul:I hope you enjoy the interview and for everyone who's planning to run for MSW 2013 my advice to you is just: Be Yourself.

M_Themis:Thank you for being here with us Ashleesoul and again best of luck at whatever you do.
Ashleesoul:Thank you so much Underneath Stardoll for having me ♥

To got to her suite click here:
To dress up her doll go here:

...xoxo M_Themis

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