200 Million Members!! - FREE 8 Items + 100 Stardollars + 100 Starcoins

After days of anxiously waiting, stardoll have finally achieved 200 Million members, at the time of 17.25 GB time.

To redeem the free 100 stardollars and 100 starcoins stardoll promised us, just CLICK HERE and then click the  big 'Okay, Go' button! From when you click the button have 24 hours to spend the stardollars,  and have the starcoins for as long as you want! The clothes will also be in your suite!

The 200,000,000 member was ecegamzdiva345 , a Turkish girl

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I can remember the days when we celebrated 20 million mark! It doesn't seem like 5 minutes ago! To celebrate this special day, and event, here are some of your comments about stardoll over the years.

I've made so many friends from stardoll, and learned more than you might think. one of my proudest moments was having my name on this blog, actually, for something one might consider insignificant. But congrats stardoll! For a website/online community, you really know your stuff :]
My fondest memory is of the days when I first discovered Stardoll, which was under the name of "Paperdoll Heaven" at the time(yes, this is going back quite a bit)I used to go onto the (now ancient) computer and mess around with the dress-up dolls and pretend they could talk so I would make stories up for them. Oh the things that amuse your younger self...
My favourite one was the "Pride And Prejudice" dress-up, which I am pleasantly surprised are still available to this very day after all those years.
  My best memory was becoming Superstar for the first ever time. It was 2 years ago, and I was so excited on entering the wonderful world of a big sparkling star above the head, new hairstyles and making clubs (: I honestly love Stardoll, and well done for getting 200,000,000 members!

I gotta admit, though I'm from 2006, I don't remember much about Stardoll :) I remember the fun I has with my best friend when we sat at the school computer in the breaks, dressing up dolls with the most weird outfits :3
We weren't exactly the popular kids in school so we had eachother and Stardoll, it was an amazing time :)

I remember the layout in the starplaza, and all the old shops. I had an old account that has loads of memories, but was deleted. I have some stuff of 100 million mark, it was pink i think. I remember seeing all the members then, that was nothing compared to this. Stardoll has helped me in textiles too, with fashion brands and designing stuff. I'm sure it will help me in my future fashion life.
Stardoll has had loads of great books and is great for all ages too !

PS. I wrote this post about an hour before we even hit 200 million to make sure I got the news to you as it happens!
Yes, I am that sad to wait an hour for 200 million.. Yes, I am

Love, Queenmaya99
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