Free Winx Club Items!

I'm not a free writer but nobody has posted this already so here it is!

There is a new scavenger hunt for free Winx items for people living in the USA. If you live in the USA you don't need to use a proxy but if you're not from the USA you will need to

1, Go to (Skip this if you are from the USA)

2, Paste into the box and log into Stardoll. Then follow the rest of the steps below

The first doll can be found by going to and click on the doll on the left side of the page.

The second item you can find by going to

For the next item go to

The next item can be found by going to

The last item you can find by going to

When you have found and clicked all items you will receive these items in your suite


(Credit to sdoreymenano)

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