FREE Lipstick, Dress, Bag and Natura Faces Table

Still on fire...most of you asked for make up...and i was able to find something still available. Yayy :)

For new members again and also for some of you that you might have missed it.

Another Repost.

If you are from the Brazil log into stardoll and click HERE
Done...The Dress and items will be in your suite. The lipstick in your beauty parlor

 If you are from anywhere else you will need a web proy
Choose one of these proxies and click: or or

Now Paste this into the proxy url bar:

Hit enter and log into stardoll. 

Now in the url of the proxy paste this:

Hit enter or click go. got them all.
The Dress and items will be in your suite. The lipstick on your beauty parlor
Close proxy and go to your suite as usual

ATTENTION: In case there will be pop up ads during the time you are using the proxy...close them and continue with the steps....don't click on any of them...we cannot guarantee the safety of a proxy. Always check the time of the post. Old freebies might not work anymore.

...xoxo MSM
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