Antidote on Stardoll - The Story

Updating the Antidote Story

It's the perfect time to do a little history of Antidote.......

On 18 March 2009 stardoll realesed a new limited store called Antidote. The idea of this new store was to be kind of a limited store but cheaper. It was never as limited as LE but it was affordable by everyone. The First collection was looking like this and it was the first(...and last) ever collection containing limited clothes for boys as well, which by the way are the rarest items of this collection with only 150-250 pieces each :

As you see the collection was full of denim with beautiful clothes.....
The store stayed for a while like this...and then disappeared from the starplaza....the second collections was to come much later so the store dissapeared the summer of 2009 completely.

The second collection came 8 months after the first one and specifically on 11 November 2009. It was a very nice collection inspired by famous was the Antidote Art Collection as you propably heard it. Some pieces were not that beautiful but in all was a good Antidote Looked like this:

If i remember correctly the most rare item of this collection was the "Damien Hirst Triangle Purse" with 500 pieces....

After the Art collection it was the time for the Spring Antidote collection which wasn't very nice in my opinion. It was actually the first(but not the last...see young hollywood) ever limited collection to leave starplaza without being sold out!!!....there were still available pieces when the store left:

....nothing was very limited as it concerns the clothes everything had 2000 pieces available....the most limited items were two toy dolls that costed 100sd and were 150 pieces each only.....
The third Collection came out on 27 April 2010.

The fourth collection came out on July 5th of 2010 which can be easily named the "Recolored" was the worst Antidote collection since it was made by recolored versions of common starplaza clothes stardoll had already released....the only good this collection as all Antidote collections had were some interior pieces.

5th collection came out on January 13th 2011
Better than the previous one with some good clothes but not as good to be limited

This collection had beautiful and ugly clothes together....some nice dresses and once more nice interior... 

Most recent collection released in January 2012 and i had to admit i liked some of the clothes very much definetely better than the last three Antidote Collections

....and that was your lesson for today....suggestions for next history lessons?
Let me know in your comments

...xoxo MSM
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