June hotbuys

The June hotbuys have been revealed in the starblog! You can see them for your self here, with labels.

Here they are:
Hotbuys Peace Scarf- 2nd June
 Hotbuys Jungle Dress- 5th June
Hotbuys Shorts- 9th June
Hotbuys Jungle gown- 11th June
Hotbuys Tassel Earrings- 14th June
Hotbuys Techno Top- 16th June
Hotbuys Plastic Basket- 19th June
Hotbuys Mesh Swimsuit- 22nd June
Hotbuys Techno Platforms- 25th June
Hotbuys Belt Swimsuit- 29th June

Do you like this months hotbuys?  Is there any particular item you are really looking forward to?

-Maya/ Queenmaya99