Free ChildLine Chillout Dress

If you are from UK, click HERE. Fill in the boxes and then click 'Enter competition'. The ChildLine dress should be in your suite.
If you are from anywhere else, you'll have to use a web proxy, go to: OR OR OR OR

Type this into the URL bar:

Hit Enter and log into stardoll. Then change the URL to
Fill in the boxes and then click 'Enter competition'. You can fill them in with fake info.

Look at mine:

You can now exit the proxy. The ChildLine Dress should be in your suite and will come in a ChildLine bag.
This is the contest banner you should see:

ATTENTION: 1. In case there will be pop up ads during the time you are using the proxy. Close them immediately and don't click on any of them... we cannot guarantee the safety of a proxy. 2. Always check the date of the post, old freebies might not be available anymore!

-Shay ; TwilightRosez