Make up tip/ VOTE ♥

hello dear bloggers!!
As I told you this week's winner wins 150 sds + a USD collaboration!
Congratulations christyrocks68! (contact me to get ur prize) (when you do closed eyes make up you have to use jewls to make eyes look.. hm?? closed !)

now vote for the next winner! Who should it be? It's up to you ♥
and now here are some tips for your doll!!! ♥ XD
x.o.x.o. sa...gataki

Next week’s collage: Send me your make up entry (through tinypic/photobucket or any other picture’s program ) here in comments section or with Facebook picture in my FB (my FB is Sa Gataki) or tell me to look in your suite..!

Make up theme: VALENTINE'S DAY ♥
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